Center for Agricultural Synthetic Biology

Center for Agricultural Synthetic Biology


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Synthetic biology uses computational strategies to design DNA for installation into organisms relying on engineering principles.   Agricultural synthetic biology seeks to make better crop plants, farm animals, and food microbes for health and sustainability goals.  CASB seeks to put Tennessee at the forefront of the intersection of agriculture and sustainability.


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Unique automated platform for agricultural synthetic biology

•High-throughput automated production of single cells from crop plants and cultures

•Gene editing

•Rapid design-build-test cycles

•Direct writing of DNA into single cells

•Engineering and analysis in a contained platform



Synthetic biology applications in agriculture



•Gene/genome editing (CRISPR)

•Synthetic DNA-parts-based gene construction

•Synthetic promoters and transcription factors



•Robotic systems for cell- and tissue-testing

•Agricultural organisms used as “chassis” for synthetic circuits

•Synthetic genomes and sub-genomes for agricultural

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